GALI, ANDE's Brazil chapter, and ICE partnered to conduct a landscape study on accelerators and incubators in Brazil.

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Through this partnership, GALI collected data from more than 50 accelerators and incubators in Brazil to learn where they operate and how they are structured, with an emphasis on impact-oriented programs. 

Download the landscape study below, or explore our accelerator directory to see a list of accelerators headquartered in Brazil, as well as those operating in Latin America & the Caribbean.

Initial insights about the accelerator and incubator landscape in Brazil:

  • Approximately one-third of surveyed accelerators/incubators guarantee funding for some or all of the supported businesses, equity being the most common form of investment.
  • The most common sources for funding for programs include government, philanthropic organizations and participant fees.
  • Approximately a quarter intentionally support businesses with social or environmental goals.

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Recent events:

In February, ANDE's Brazil chapter held a series of meetings in São Paulo, Florianópolis, and Belo Horizonte to present findings from the broader GALI research. You can read a summary of the discussions here.

Want to get involved?

GALI invites accelerators in Brazil to contribute data through the Entrepreneurship Database Program, led by Emory University. To learn more about how you can partner with GALI and receive insights on your program's impact, fill out this 5-minute questionnaire.



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