GALI builds on the Entrepreneurship Database Program at Emory University, which works with dozens of accelerators to collect standardized data during the application process. The anonymized application and one-year follow-up data are available to researchers who want to conduct and publish their own studies of impact-oriented entrepreneurs and accelerator programs.

About the Data

Since 2013, the Entrepreneurship Database Program at Emory University has been partnering with accelerators and other entrepreneur support programs to collect detailed data from entrepreneurs during their application processes. These entrepreneurs are re-surveyed annually to gather valuable follow-up data, including those that were accelerated and those that were not. 

The confidentiality of information collected from entrepreneurs in the course of running the Entrepreneurship Database Program is recognized as essential to the continued success of the program. As such, all fields that might reveal the identity of a specific entrepreneur or venture have been removed from the file that you are applying to receive.

What You'll Receive

You will receive two files in your download, including a the cross-sectional application file (with information on each venture that applied to an accelerator) and a longitudinal file which also contains one-year follow-up data. Here are more specific descriptions:

SE@G_DataRelease-External-Application-2019: Includes application data collected from programs that opened applications in the 2013-2019 window, from over 23,000 entrepreneurs and ventures.

SE@G_DataRelease-External-Followup-2019: Includes application data collected from programs that opened in the 2013-2018 window; plus their first year of follow-up data (collected from ventures that responded to follow-up surveys).

In these files, you will also find a dictionary and label maps that provide information about the different variables.

Use and Confidentiality Provisions

Before accessing these anonymized data, you must agree to the following:

  1. The data contained in this file come from entrepreneurs who applied to a self-selected group of accelerator programs. Therefore, the data should not be considered representative of all early-stage entrepreneurs or of the business accelerator population as a whole. To get a sense of the programs that are currently participating in this program, please read the 2019 Year-End Data Summary.
  2. Access to these data will be limited to you and your co-researchers. If others would like to have similar access, they should send us an additional application.
  3. These data will be used only for academic research or for other research that is not proprietary in nature.
  4. Individual data points will be considered confidential. Thus, you will do your best to protect the confidentiality of those participating in the surveys and will not attempt to use these data to identify or help “others” identify survey respondents.
  5. You will do your best to protect and safeguard these data against any unauthorized use, publication or disclosure.
  6. Any interpretations or conclusions that are drawn from these data are to be attributed entirely and solely to the analysts, and not to the Entrepreneurship Database Program or to the Global Accelerator Learning Initiative.
  7. In any published analyses that use these data, you will reference the source of data as "Data provided by the Entrepreneurship Database Program at Emory University; supported by the Global Accelerator Learning Initiative".

Please acknowledge your agreement with these Use and Confidentiality Provisions.

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