GALI, ANDE's Central America & Mexico chapter, and Citibanamex have partnered to do a deep dive on entrepreneurship and acceleration in Mexico.

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Through this partnership, GALI has collected data from more than 800 early-stage Mexican ventures and partnered with over a dozen accelerator programs in Mexico.

Download the publications below to learn about the ventures applying to acceleration programs and how they grow based on accelerator participation. You can also explore our accelerator directory to see a list of accelerators headquartered in Mexico, as well as those operating in Latin America & the Caribbean.

Initial insights about early-stage ventures in Mexico:

  • Mexican ventures that applied to accelerator programs were primarily early stage, for-profit ventures. Most had not earned revenue in the previous year, and had not raised investment capital.
  • Mexican ventures most often ranked the development of their network and access to mentors as the most important benefit accelerators provide.
  • Ventures led by women were four times less likely to have raised equity, prior to applying to an accelerator program, than ventures with all-male teams.

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Initial insights about the impact of acceleration in Mexico:

  • Ventures that participated in accelerator programs experienced greater growth in revenues, full-time employees, equity, and debt on average compared to rejected ventures.
  • The majority of ventures reported no equity or debt growth at all, suggesting that a small number of strong performers are drawing up the average changes in investment.
  • First-time accelerated ventures reported higher average revenue growth, while ventures that had been previously accelerated reported greater equity growth.

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Want to get involved?

GALI invites accelerators in Mexico to contribute data through the Entrepreneurship Database Program, led by Emory University. To learn more about how you can partner with GALI and receive insights on your program's impact, fill out this 5-minute questionnaire.

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