Acceleration in India

Initial Data from Indian Startups

Jun 2018

In partnership with the ANDE India Chapter, GALI is working to increase understanding of acceleration and early stage ventures in India. This data summary includes information from 1,214 ventures operating in India, contributed by 26 accelerators.

Data at a Glance:

  • Indian ventures that applied to accelerator programs were primarily early-stage, for-profit ventures. The majority had not earned revenue in the previous year, and most had not raised investment capital.
  • Ventures that were selected by the accelerator programs to participate were more likely to report philanthropic capital, but less likely to have employees.
  • Nearly half of applicants had previously founded an organization. These experienced founders were more likely to have raised equity.
  • Ventures with women were more likely to have earned revenue and have employees, but less likely to have raised equity than ventures with all-male teams.
  • Ventures that reported intellectual property were more likely to have raised equity, earned revenue, and have employees.
  • Indian ventures most often ranked the development of their network and direct funding as the most important benefit accelerators provide.
  • Most ventures were hoping to raise debt or equity in the coming year and aimed for a median target of $100,000.