Acceleration in Sub-Saharan Africa

Initial data from the Entrepreneurship Database Program

Feb 2018

This data summary provides a snapshot of more than 2,500 early-stage ventures that applied to over 50 acceleration programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, and includes regional insights for East and West Africa and country-specific information for Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria.

Data at a Glance:

  • More than 25% of the ventures in the sample are in the agriculture sector.
  • Upon application to an accelerator, most ventures had earned revenue and hired employees, but fewer had raised funding.
  • Ventures with IP were significantly more likely to report revenue, employees, and investment.
  • Over half of the ventures include women on the founding team.
  • Teams that include women were more likely to report revenue and employees but less likely to report equity.
  • Fewer West African ventures had raised investment capital, compared to East African ventures.
  • Compared to the global sample, African entrepreneurs are more interested in gaining direct funding and business skills.