GALI, ANDE's India chapter, and Autodesk partnered to conduct a landscape study on accelerators and incubators in India.

Through this partnership, GALI collected data from 60 accelerators and incubators in India to learn where they operate, how they are structured, and the type of support they provide to entrepreneurs. 

Download the landscape study below, or explore the list of study participants.

Initial insights about the accelerator and incubator landscape in India:

  • Over half of the surveyed accelerators/incubators indicated a focus on energy or environment.
  • One-third of respondents provide direct funding, and equity is the most popular investment instrument.
  • At 43 percent, philanthropic grants were the most common funding source for programs, followed by government support.

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Want to get involved?

GALI invites accelerators in India to contribute data through the Entrepreneurship Database Program, led by Emory University. To learn more about how you can partner with GALI and receive insights on your program's impact, fill out this 5-minute questionnaire.

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