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  • Accelerating the Flow of Funds into Early-Stage Ventures

    An Initial Look at Program Differences and Design Choices

    May 2018

    The third major report from GALI uses data from 52 acceleration programs to compare high-performing and low-performing programs. It addresses common perceptions about what matters most in successful accelerator programs and identifies whether certain program design choices correspond with greater equity or revenue growth for accelerated ventures.

  • Acceleration in Mexico

    Early Impacts on Mexican Ventures

    May 2018

    With the support of Citibanamex Compromiso Social, GALI is working to increase understanding of acceleration and early-stage ventures in Mexico. This report includes application and follow-up information from 318 ventures operating in Mexico, contributed by 15 accelerator programs.

  • GALI Student Data Competition

    Winning Submission

    May 2018

    The GALI Student Data Competition invited undergraduate and graduate students from around the world to answer a key question for the field of entrepreneurship: "In our dataset of applicants to accelerator programs, what types of ventures (and entrepreneurs) are more or less likely to have received investment? Do different types of early-stage ventures attract investment from different sources?"

  • Entrepreneurship & Acceleration: Questions from the Field

    Return on Investment for Accelerators

    Apr 2018

    In this brief, we respond to a question from the Argidius Foundation about the return on investment for accelerators: "At the Argidius Foundation, we assess the return on total investment (ROTI) of the capacity development programs that we support. What can your data tell us about the return on investment for accelerator programs?"

  • Acceleration in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Initial data from the Entrepreneurship Database Program

    Feb 2018

    This data summary provides a snapshot of more than 2,500 early-stage ventures that applied to over 50 acceleration programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, and includes regional insights for East and West Africa and country-specific information for Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria.

  • Entrepreneurship & Acceleration: Questions from the Field

    Funding Accelerator Programs

    Dec 2017

    The GALI team consistently hears questions from accelerators and others in the field about financial sustainability. In this brief, we ask: How do accelerators fund their programs, and how do different funding profiles relate to different accelerator offerings?

  • Landscape Study of Accelerators and Incubators in India

    Dec 2017

    This study, conducted by the ANDE India Chapter with the support of Autodesk Sustainability and Foundation, uses GALI’s Global Accelerator Survey to add clarity to the profile of accelerators and incubators in India – their structure, objectives, goals, funding, and the financial and non-financial support that they offer.

  • Entrepreneurship and Acceleration: Questions from the Field

    Startup Financing by Sector and Geography

    Sep 2017

    In this data brief, we respond to a question from the Global Innovation Fund about startup financing by sector and geography: “At the Global Innovation Fund, we are focused on supporting entrepreneurs and innovators in markets where individuals earn less than $5 per day. What sectors/verticals and what geographies are typically getting funding in the data that you're seeing?"

  • Landscape Study of Accelerators and Incubators in Brazil

    Jul 2017

    This study, produced in partnership with ANDE Brazil and ICE, uses GALI’s Global Accelerator Survey data in combination with interviews of accelerators and incubators in Brazil. The report describes the profile of acceleration and incubation programs, highlights accelerators with an impact focus, and compares accelerators in Brazil with the rest of the world.

  • Accelerating Startups in Emerging Markets

    Insights from 43 Programs

    May 2017

    The second major report from GALI, written in collaboration with Deloitte, compares acceleration in emerging markets versus high-income countries. Examining data from more than 2,400 early stage ventures that applied to 43 programs, it finds more similarities between emerging market and high-income country entrepreneurs and accelerator programs than commonly believed.

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