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  • What's Working in Startup Acceleration

    Insights from Fifteen Village Capital Programs

    Mar 2016

    Village Capital, a seed-stage accelerator that runs programs for entrepreneurs in impact oriented sectors, began working with the Entrepreneurship Database Program in 2013. This report uses application and follow-up data from fifteen different Village Capital programs to examine the performance of accelerated ventures compared to those that applied but were not selected.

  • Entrepreneurship and Acceleration: Questions From The Field

    Gender & Entrepreneurship

    Aug 2015

    In this brief, we respond to questions about gender and entrepreneurship from The Unreasonable Institute: Do new ventures with women on their founding teams outperform their peers? And if a team has more women in roles of leadership, are they more or less likely to raise equity?

  • Entrepreneurship and Acceleration: Questions From The Field

    Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa

    Feb 2015

    In this brief, we use data from the Entrepreneurship Acceleration Research Initiative in order to respond to a question submitted by the MasterCard Foundation about Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa: "At The MasterCard Foundation, we have a portfolio of youth entrepreneurship projects that we support in Sub Saharan Africa. We’re always looking for data to better understand the space and to inform our programming. I’m wondering if you could share any data by ages 18-24 and 25-30, and by African country or region if possible. Do you see anything interesting under these parameters?"

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